Why is fashion design important?

Anne Valerie Hash was born in the year 1971. She has lived in Paris, France for most of her life. She started her training in the fashion world by attending the Duperre School for Arts, which she attended in the year 1991. She then went on to further Fashion Students at the Paris Fashion School, which she attended in the year 1995. All of her early studies were geared towards the study of fashion design and applied arts. Her creativity today is the result of all of those years of training and study in those various fashion design schools that she attended.

She did not immediately start out as a haute couture fashion designer, her first foray into the world of fashion, was when she opened her a bridal business in 1995. Her bridal business was focused on dressing brides to be. She started her first fashion house in the year 2001. Her fashion brand started that year was her name, Anne Valerie Hash. She debut her first fashion collection in the 2002 Summer Season. Her first fashion line for her brand was called “Fillemale”, and it was received with rousing success. Over the years Miss Hash has released various kinds of lines through her own name brand. And they have proven to be all successes. A lot of her fashion design work has sold well, and she even has numerous awards to her name.

Miss Hash won her first award in 2003. In that year she was given the ANDAM fashion award. That first fashion design prize was just one of many, and to this day she continues to receive accolades and awards for the fashion design work that she has done. She was even presented with an award given by the French Minister for Culture and Communication. This award was given in recognition for her contribution to French Art. Over the years she has won many more prizes and awards in the fashion industry.

Her fashion design work is most well-known for her use of lace. Her work is heavily influenced and inspired by that of another French fashion designer, Lou Liza Lesage. Her signature pieces are all well-known and they showcase some of her strengths as a talented fashion designer. A lot of her work has been praised for its ethereal qualities.

Recently, a book was published which chronicled her beginnings in the world of Fashion. The book, which was entitled Moments in Time was written in order to show off some of her work over the past several years. Miss Hash’s fashion design work is also regularly showcased in museum and even fashion art galleries. In the year 2016, there was an exhibition which showcased all of her recent and past work. This included ready to wear pieces, hand-made costume haute couture clothes, and even some jewellery and other accessories as well. Over her 13 years of working as an haute couture fashion designer in France, Miss Hash has amassed a huge body of work. And her body of design work is truly awe inspiring.