4 important elements of designing fashion

Fashion design is a complex art that requires years of study in order to master. And when it comes to fashion design there are actually a few essential elements that should not be overlooked. Any kind of garment or accessory needs to be properly designed according to these four different elements. It is important that as a fashion designer that you recognize these four different elements in your own designs. And whenever you do come up with various kinds of designs for your own fashions, you have got to check on these different kinds of design elements as well. It can help you create garments that will appeal to more people. And it will also help fashion designers create garments that look good on women as well.


This design element refers to the shape and form that any kind of garment has. For any kind of design, a garment needs to project or accentuate a certain shape. And depending on the current trends of the time, the desired silhouette of any kind of garment can change as well. An example is in the early 1900's a boxy shape for women's clothes was actually considered attractive. Nowadays, the current trend is to accentuate an hourglass figure amongst women. The cut and shape of the garment can change the silhouette it projects. And the kind of silhouette that a certain garment has, actually changes the kind of person that it flatters.


Any kind of creation of a garment will need to create some kind of seam. The seam of a garment is referred to as the line in fashion design. These seams and lines are what holds the fabric of the garment together. The line of the garment can also be changed, in order to alter its pattern and even shape. For example, certain dresses may have seams that could be curved. And the kind of line that is used for a particular garment will change its shape and form as well. For example, the use of horizontal lines on a garment can make someone appear wider. And the use of vertical lines can actually make someone appear taller as well.


The color of your garment is an important element. It can be said that color is the single most important design element in fashion. And there are many different kinds of theories that can determine what kind of color can go well with others. For example, fashion designers may make use of color schemes in order to create certain kinds of fashion. Color theory is also used in order to understand what colors may be pleasing to the human eye. And there are also certain colors that are used in fashion design really often. For example, in the world of design, neutral colors may be used more often because they are easy to match and pair with other colors.


Different kinds of fabrics can have different kinds of textures. So the choice of fabric that a fashion designer chooses to use can have a huge impact on the overall look of their garments.