Exploring Reaction Injection Molding and Its Capabilities

When searching for flexibility and options in producing top quality polyurethane products, RIM (reaction injection molding) capabilities cannot be beaten. If you do not know what RIM is, our article with the title ‘what is reaction injection molding’ offers you a good primer. With RIM, you possess a large variety of color, toughness, size and even costs to pick from. For RIM technology products to be designed, two reactive liquid compounds are required, a resin mixture and a polyisocyanate component.

These two reactive liquid compounds are held in two different tanks and then fed into a known mixing area for the chemical reaction of RIM, where color could be added and then injected into a mold. The production of a mold happens to be the maiden step in the procedure, and after that the RIM process takes charge.

RIM Size Capabilities

The polyurethane product size could vary a bit, from a smaller part like a small general purpose wheel clock or a cable protector to a much larger door panel or dashboard for the automotive sector. RIM capabilities also contain mining, medical product needs, and decorative light fixtures. Some of the RIM presses could go all the way up in size to 84″ x 60″ and 36″ tall. The aforementioned molds are specially designed to fall within these sizes with huge potential.

RIM Toughness/Hardness Capabilities

The beautiful thing about reaction injection molding is the ability and capability to make the product highly durable with a high durometer rating through the use of hard tooling. This is a preferable system due to the fact that the final result would be stronger in addition to it lasting longer. Of course, if a more flexible item is required for something that’s supple enough to twist and bend, these kinds of creations are also a possibility with RIM through the adjustment of the pressure on the production machine. The high accuracy tooling that the RIM machinery possesses will make sure of the correct product weight with the correct size and color.

Exploring Reaction Injection Molding and Its Capabilities

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