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Screen Printing Tshirts: Learning the Basics

There are different steps involved in learning how to go about screen printing. Each of the steps will take you closer to the actual printing of the t-shirts. But the learning curve with screen printing Melbourne can appear to be too inordinate to accomplish if we place more focus on the whole effort at once. We can break down the entire process into seven basic parts

1- positively create the artwork.

2- The artwork should be outputted to film.

3- Prepare the screen.

4- Expose the film positive to a screen.

5- Wash out stencil in the screen.

6- Print shirts.

7- The printed shirts should be cured in an oven.

There are various ways you can go about screen printing. The above checklist is more of a rough commercial outline. Nonetheless, making prints at home in art and craft fashion is easy and fun. You can make use of everyday items such as an embroidery type hoop or an old picture frame as your frame. Some individuals have made use of sheer, white nylon curtains as the mesh. There are methods of hand applying stencil to a screen so that there is no need for light-sensitive chemicals or complicated equipment.

Owing to the fact that screen printing is an elementary stenciling process, you necessarily don’t need to push ink through the screen with any kind of squeegee. Many swab or dab different types of paint and inks through the screen using paint rollers or brushes. You will even find fabric additives for typical acrylic paints that could be used. All this need is to be set using an iron.

You can also refine your techniques of screen printing at home. Most individuals end up doing shirts for family and friends. You can get good enough to consider taking it to a commercial level but there are lots of factors to be considered in commercial screen printing.

Though you are capable of doing a lot at home and even to the extent of printing shirt for money with a homebrew style of screen printing, going commercial is a whole different ball game. With commercial screen printing, the idea is the production of high-quality prints in the least expanse of time with the minimum effort required. What that means is that it should be easy and fast to print great looking prints on t-shirts.

This is something you can go ahead and consider because printing, in general, is riddled with large quantity pricing and deadlines. Meaning that as the customer purchases more shirts, you sell for a cheap price per shirt. You would actually make more funds by printing a high number of jobs. That is where your equipment and tools are expected to make more production for you.

That is also where the experience of commercial printing comes into the picture. If you want to take screen print job seriously, you need at least a few components added to your equipment line up. The t-shirt press is a vital piece of equipment used by professionals. Of course, an exposure unit and a belt dryer is also very important.

Screen Printing Tshirts: Learning the Basics

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