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Shopping Malls Close To The Piermont Grand EC

For you who don’t know, Piermont Grand EC is located near the Waterfront and it is close to three major shopping malls in Singapore. Actually, this is one of many advantages the location and the condominium have to offer and they are extremely relevant. Today, you can get additional information regarding all 3 shopping malls.

Seletar Mall

Seletar Mall is one of the closest shopping, malls to Piermont Grand EC and one of the best in the whole of Singapore. The shopping mall has a space of 17.500 square meters and over 130 stores are present. The shopping mall is massive and covers 4 floors. It was opened in 2014 and even today it is considered as one of the best-looking and the most popular shopping malls in this part of the world. 30% of it is held by F&B Outlets.

This facility won the BCA Green Mark Gold award due to impressive eco-friendly design. There are solar panels, energy efficient elements all over the shopping mall and it is designed in that way so each square meter is perfectly used.

Punggol Plaza

Punggol Plaza is the second shopping mall on our list. It was opened in 2004 and it is the oldest facility of this kind in Singapore. This isn’t a drawback. On the contrary, it is an advantage and you can enjoy the massive size of the place. It covers 35.500 square meters which makes it one of the biggest shopping malls in the surrounding area.

The shopping mall has 6 levels, 2 of which are basements, it has parking and around 60 vendors are present. It is believed that people can find literally anything they are looking for precisely here.

Waterway Point

The newest shopping mall close to Piermont Grand EC is Waterway Point. It was opened in 2016 and it is well-known for outstanding architecture, modern design and the fact this place has integrated parka and a visitors area. The shopping mall itself is carefully integrated into the Waterfront and one of the most beautiful buildings in Asia. It is also one of the most modern and most advanced units ever created.

The shopping mall covers an area of 50.000 square meters and it has 4 levels. There are over 200 vendors present and they make this place one of the best when it comes to purchasing various items and finding the rare ones. The facility is also a residential area. If you remember we have mentioned that it is integrated into the Waterfront. The second part of it is focused on retail only.

The final word

Piermont Grand EC attracts a part of potential owners thanks to the 3 shopping malls which are all close to the condominium. They are modern, known for being the biggest and they are the most appealing of them all. You can find anything you want in one of these shopping malls and we know you will use them as often as possible. Enjoy this perk.

Shopping Malls Close To The Piermont Grand EC

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