Steps on How to Locate a Missing Laptop

If perchance you just misplaced your laptop computer without having to back up your personal information and data, there is every chance that you are in a state of disorder or panic. This is not just because it’s missing, it’s most definitely because your data and personal information are in the hands of someone else and that law enforcement can’t render any assistance. You need not worry yourself, on you can get help owing to the services that are offered. It is quite a normal occurrence for laptop computers to go missing, what matters is what you do after yours goes missing.

Tips on How to Geo Locate a Laptop

Just in case you are not aware, there is a service offered by Apple. This is the ‘Find My Mac’ service, it assists in locating a stolen or lost Mac Computer. Nonetheless, Microsoft is yet to come up with a service like this to locate stolen or lost windows PCs. If you are the owner of a Windows laptop computer and you want to know the whereabouts of your missing laptop computer, you need to install a third party software that offers this sort of service. You’ll find paid or premium options as well as free options.

Step 1

It is important that your laptop computer is registered with the manufacturer. This is very important because the serial number is registered in the database, thus making it easy for the laptop computer to be identified as yours by law enforcement officials later during the recovery.

Step 2

See to it that a security sticker is applied to your laptop. It is important you are aware of the fact security stickers are difficult to remove, this is because they come along with strong adhesive. STOP (Security Tracking of Office Property) stickers are so amazing that they have the “Stolen Property” tag applied chemically, making it very easy to be identified under the sticker. These security stickers include some information, like your name, mobile number and address and a request to have it returned.

Step 3

Instruct your laptop computer to contact you when it is missing or stolen. There are laptop tracking software packages that can be downloaded and installed, one of which is Adeona. They are designed to contact you in a very discrete manner when it is missing. Adeona is a small program that transmits information at certain intervals to an email address, thus allowing you to  get the location of your laptop computer. It was designed by some programmers from the University of Washington.

Step 4

Subscribe to services that assist in laptop computer tracking. TrackItBack and LoJack are some of the renowned tracking service providers. They can assist in monitoring your laptop’s movement for a fee. They will work closely and notify law enforcement officials for the recovery of your missing laptop.

The Basics

It is important you are aware of the fact that these tracking services work in a very similar manner. Right after you install a software on the laptop computer, you can easily set up an account with the service. If perchance your device gets missing, all you need to do is navigate to the service’s website, access your account, view the location of the missing laptop and have it controlled remotely.

Steps on How to Locate a Missing Laptop

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