Tulip Dining Table: Get Educated On the Famous Collection of Saarinen Tables

With the numerous designs and styles of chairs and tables, one design collection is special among the rest, the Eero Saarinen pedestal group. Saarinen was renowned for his special contemporary styles in every of his designs, that includes the tulip dining table. He possessed a different taste in his designs from basic to the more structural curves.

The collection includes side, coffee and dining tables in different sizes. The previous design had a slim pedestal base in cast aluminum with an organic shape. These days, some pedestal base designs contain glossy fiberglass material finished with resistance to scratch and stain to keep their smooth and sleek appearance.

The pedestal collection is also referred to as the tulip group where the tables have a table top in tempered glass, MDF, natural marble stone, and fiberglass. The sizes are from 16 inches to 96 inches which are made up of coffee, dining and side tables. They are in elegant colors – black and white that matches with any interior décor, classic or modern.

The tulip dining table is made in two shapes – round and oval which are both elegant and classy whether in the dining room or kitchen. They might be bought with a set of tulip chairs or they could match with any types of chairs. The sizes differ from 36 inches to 96 inches.

Coffee tables are mid-sized and smaller than what’s obtainable with the dining tables and bigger than what’s obtainable with the side tables. These offer attractive furnishings in your bedroom or lounge and make very good as your focal point. You could opt for 20 inches to 36 inches table top sizes.

The side tables are in round shape and happen to be the smallest in the collection. They are petite however that has not prevented them from fitting perfectly to any corners thus adding character to the space. The least expensive of the collection, their sizes are from 16 inches to 22 inches tabletops.

Tulip Dining Table: Get Educated On the Famous Collection of Saarinen Tables

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