Ultimate Guide for Proper Garbage Disposal Installation

In most situations, you will try to change your old garbage disposal system due to the fact that it is blocked or the motor has damaged or removed. However, you are very fortunate because acquiring a seamless installation for the garbage disposal unit is a simple and straightforward process. You are required to undergo three simple steps to set up the new system. You must first make preparation by buying a new garbage disposal. Second, you will undergo the process of removing garbage disposal. Last, but not the least, endeavor to set up the new disposal. Once you have achieved the task, you will be left with a spanking new garbage disposal that will meet your needs and requirements.

Preparing for the Job

Take a snapshot of the old system and put down all the details located on the unit. Endeavour to take all these details as well as the picture to a reputable store to purchase a new disposal. Look out for reputable brands. Do comparative analyses of the numerous brands to find the best one that suits you. Ensure that it comes with the same power capacity like the old one.

Removing the Old Unit

It is quite easy to remove the old unit. The hardest part of this process is the removal of the flange from the sink. In order to achieve this task, you can utilize the tip of a screwdriver to loosen the edge or wedge it off and detach the old part. Apart from that, you can simply detach all the pipes located on the old waste disposal system, once you detach it; ensure a proper disposal of the compartment.

Setting Up the New Unit

Once you have disposed of the old unit, this is the appropriate time to set up the new unit. Majority of the disposal systems like Viking usually come with instruction manual and a tool to assist you with the installation. You will definitely want to avoid an unpalatable situation whereby you misplaced the Allen wrench used for unclogging the unit manually and have to hire a plumber to help you fix it.

Ultimate Guide for Proper Garbage Disposal Installation

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