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Anne Valerie Hash, a fashion designer who hails from France. Her website is based on an acronym of her name; A V H. Hash has been designing fashion for more than thirteen years. And in that time she has risen to prominence as a skilled and creative French Fashion designer. Through her tireless work in fashion design in women’s clothes, she has gained fame and success in the world of Haute Couture. Her designs are very famous in high fashion, and her talent has earned her many awards.
Through this website, people are able to look through all of the past work that Anne Valerie Hash has produced. There is even a gallery section for the exhibition works that Hash has showcased throughout the years. And Hash has produced a lot of work that has gained critical acclaim in the world of fashion design. There is also a blog that Anne maintains on this website, so her fans can read more about what kind of thing that Hash is currently working on. There is a lot more content that can be found on this website, which is all about fashion design.
Anne Valerie Hash

Hash is a famous haute couture designer based in France. She has been designing women’s wear for over 13 years. And she is most famous for the use of lace in her many designs. Throughout her years as a fashion designer, Anne Valerie Hash has received a lot of renown and praise. Many publications such as Elle, Vogue, etc. have written about her work. And she is not only famous in her Native country of France, but she is also well-known throughout the international world of fashion as well. Anne Valerie Hash continues to keep designing and producing new clothes for women to wear.

Anne Valerie Hash is most well-known for her incorporation of lace into many of the clothes that she designs. Lace is one of the foremost materials that she uses. And people can see this in the clothing lines that she puts out under her own label. Her work with lace has had many people praise her for her creativity and originality. Lace has always been a historically feminine material to use with clothing designs, but it has never been used for everyday clothing designs for women. As a designer, Anne uses lace in almost all of her designs, which create an ethereal and effortless style.

A lot of Hash’s works have been exhibited in museums and other kinds of art galleries. This means that her work is truly important and has got a lot of significance within the fashion design world. Website visitors can check out samples of her fashion design work by looking through her gallery. Photos of her various fashion show exhibitions can also be checked out through her website as well. This will mean that people are able to look through all of her content by checking out more of her fashion work through her official website.

What is fashion design?

The art form of the design and creation of clothes and other kinds of accessories is called fashion design. Any kind of clothes that you are wearing was designed by someone working as a fashion designer. This means that wherever you go, you are seeing the work of fashion designers. This is because people wear clothes everywhere, and this makes Fashion Design one of the most widely used art forms in the world. In general, fashion design is split into two categories. These categories are, haute couture and ready to wear.

The distinction between haute couture and ready to wear fashions are pretty obvious. First of all, haute couture designs are usually more costly. While ready to wear fashions tend to be more affordable. The haute couture designs are also tailored to fit a more specific set of customers, usually a small number of them. And instead ready to wear designs are tailored to fit a more general group of people. This will mean that more people are able to fit into ready to wear designer clothes.

History of Fashion Design

While there is no single person who invented clothing, there is one person who is credited as being the first ever fashion designer. A tailor named Charles Worth is considered by many fashion historians to be the very first designer. He was a tailor from the 19th century in France. In the past clothes used to be made anonymously. This meant that tailors and dressmakers never signed or labeled the clothes that they sold. However, Charles Worth was different since he tried to “brand” his clothes. Charles was also different in that instead of customers telling him what to make, he made clothes for them to wear. So in a way as the first fashion designer, he made clothes that people had to wear. Over time as his clothing designs grew more widespread; his fashion house soon became more famous. So Charles Worth definitely started the tradition of fashion and design houses.

Fashion design continues to be an important facet of the modern era. People wear clothes, which are designed by professionals in the fashion industry. And the fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar one. Modern fashion is defined by almost no characteristics, except that it is pretty eclectic. People wear clothes for both form and functionality. And there are a lot of creative designers that are emerging as new talents in their respective countries’ fashion communities. Yet, France is still considered the center of the world of fashion. Every year, French luxury fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, outsell many other fashion companies out there. Even ready to wear French Fashion designs are the most popular around. French designs are considered a great example of fashion design. And it is no wonder that there are many talented fashion designers who are based in the French country. There is no greater example of talented French fashion designer than Anne Valerie Hash. She is one of the best French Fashion Designers of her generation.

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Employment Law and Waiting Time Penalties

Sanctions like waiting time penalties are taken against employers who refuse to pay final wages on the due date. The fine is the payment of the worker’s average wage for the whole period the employer is late and this is calculated on a daily basis, up to a maximum of one month. According to data sourced from recover my wages employment law article, an employer that waits for 14 days before paying a fired worker’s final wages would be legally responsible for 2 weeks of wages as a waiting time penalty.

Waiting time penalties amount to the worker’s regular rate of pay, including the regular overtime work, and other commissions. Below are some rules and guides to follow when calculating the price rate:

If a worker works five days per week, eight hours per day, the worker’s waiting time penalty amounts to eight times the worker’s hourly rate. And it is calculated on a daily basis that the employer is late. For instance, if a worker earns $15 per hour, the employee would receive a payment of $120 for each day the employee failed to provide a final paycheck.

For normal part-time workers, the penalty is calculated based on a regular day’s work. For instance, if a worker works four hours per day, five days per week, and earns $20 per hour, the employee would receive a payment of $80 per day as a waiting time penalty.

Overtime is only added if it follows the regular schedule. Any rapid or irregular overtime is not added to the worker’s wages. If a worker occasionally worked for an extra period, for instance, that would not be included in the waiting time penalties.

If, however, the worker normal working period is 50 hours per week, the worker’s penalty will amount to ten-hour per day with the inclusion of the overtime premium. For instance, if the worker’s hourly wage was $20 per hour, the worker would be liable to receive a waiting time penalty of $220; a period of eight hours amounts to $20, plus two hours at the period and a percentage of overtime ($30).

Beard Trimmer Reviews: Traversing the World of Beard Trimmers

Whenever you are ready to trim your beard, you are willing to find out the best trimmer beards and the one to use that will give you a fine and perfect look. Endeavor to peruse through beard trimmer reviews and check some facts like how well the device works with styles such as sideburn shaping and goatee grooming and ensure to make an informed decision that suits your needs and requirements. Of course, another thing to consider is the blade precision, price, its handiness, and even the lifespan of the battery.

What are the other factors to take into consideration? You need to ensure that the trimmer you select has a proper adjustable length unit; this feature is not incorporated in an electric razor. The beard trimmer is often considered as one of the best options when you just want to do a little trimming, especially since you will be performing the task every day.

You may also wish to consider the incorporation of other features like a vacuum adds on to enable you to trim the hair appropriately. You may also look for the ones that come with cordless designs if you want to avoid replacing or adjusting the cord. Moreover, there are even some of these devices that can conveniently perform both wet and dry trimming.

There are factors and other practical considerations you need to consider before purchasing the beard trimmers. If you have a reactive skin, it is advisable that you opt for a foil design that is well suited for this purpose. You may need to opt for a trimmer that is designed with a stainless steel blade if you want a long-lasting and durable device.

Keeping in mind some factors like blade precision, you can peruse through beard trimmer reviews to discover how effective a blade can trim any length of beard so that you can be able to have an insight about the workability and functionality of the device. In order to get the best out of this, endeavor to consider the factors highlighted above and make an informed decision.

Tulip Dining Table: Get Educated On the Famous Collection of Saarinen Tables

With the numerous designs and styles of chairs and tables, one design collection is special among the rest, the Eero Saarinen pedestal group. Saarinen was renowned for his special contemporary styles in every of his designs, that includes the tulip dining table. He possessed a different taste in his designs from basic to the more structural curves.

The collection includes side, coffee and dining tables in different sizes. The previous design had a slim pedestal base in cast aluminum with an organic shape. These days, some pedestal base designs contain glossy fiberglass material finished with resistance to scratch and stain to keep their smooth and sleek appearance.

The pedestal collection is also referred to as the tulip group where the tables have a table top in tempered glass, MDF, natural marble stone, and fiberglass. The sizes are from 16 inches to 96 inches which are made up of coffee, dining and side tables. They are in elegant colors – black and white that matches with any interior décor, classic or modern.

The tulip dining table is made in two shapes – round and oval which are both elegant and classy whether in the dining room or kitchen. They might be bought with a set of tulip chairs or they could match with any types of chairs. The sizes differ from 36 inches to 96 inches.

Coffee tables are mid-sized and smaller than what’s obtainable with the dining tables and bigger than what’s obtainable with the side tables. These offer attractive furnishings in your bedroom or lounge and make very good as your focal point. You could opt for 20 inches to 36 inches table top sizes.

The side tables are in round shape and happen to be the smallest in the collection. They are petite however that has not prevented them from fitting perfectly to any corners thus adding character to the space. The least expensive of the collection, their sizes are from 16 inches to 22 inches tabletops.

Louis Vuitton Bags – What’s So Amazing About Them?

So you have wanted to get that Louis Vuitton bag for yourself but you are not really sure if you want to? I know, they are very expensive and you would like to ensure that your money is well spent. Well, the following explains why Louis Vuitton bags happen to be an investment of a lifetime. Here we go:

  1. In the world of bags, nothing betters Vuitton as far as quality is concerned. There are a lot of very good designers out there who make very good quality bags, however, Vuitton is the best of them all. And has been for several years.
  2. Vuitton bags are easily recognizable due to their unique shape. They have firm curves and a solid appearance and appear to be able to stand with out any support. This is partly from the strong material and also the design they are derived from. Therefore if you are on the search for a bag that is not floppy, Vuitton is the right choice.
  3. Vuitton bags are in very good variety. There are hand bags, waist bags, shoulder bags you name it, and they have it meaning that you could have a complete set of Vuittons to fit different outings.
  4. Vuitton designs bags for both women and men – not a lot of designers do that. Therefore if you’re searching for a unique bag for your man, a Vuitton is the right choice. They design very good shoulder bags and grip bags and would make your man look like he has awesome fashion sense.
  5. They last for several years. Vuitton as a label has been in existence for decades and that’s due to the fact that the brand has not failed its users. If you get a Vuitton, you could expect to have it around for at least ten years. You could be wondering, what if it’s out of fashion? Well, Louis Vuitton bags are not fad bags. They are created to be chic and stylish and withstand the test of changing fashion.

Decorate the Perfect Christmas Table with Slate Cheese Platter

With the Holiday season and Christmas fast approaching, now is the time to begin to think about the Christmas day festivities and how you would be able to decorate your table with the help of slate cheese platter on the said day. In this article, we would provide you with some tips and hints for the ideal Christmas table that would wow your friends and family.

Whether your taste is contemporary or traditional you would definitely want to make the Christmas day meal a unique one for your guests and how you decorate the table is an important aspect of that complete enjoyment.

Colour schemes are all about a matter of taste, therefore there is no wrong or right decision to be made here. A lot of people opt for the green and traditional red color scheme, however, if you would like something a bit more sophisticated, then why not think about cooler shades like white and silver?

A stylish route to complimenting your table is through the use of slate for your coasters and placemats. The black of the slate would contrast beautifully with a white tablecloth and highlight the serving dishes and dinner plates. Slate table centerpieces are available in a lot of designs as well so as to suit all tastes. They could be employed for practical or decorative or purposes.

In addition, a slate cheese platter makes the perfect base for serving different cheeses as a dessert course right at the end of your holiday meal. If you plan to serve pastries or cupcakes, then a slate cake stand is an appropriate addition to the table and reveals your confections in a beautiful way.

If you truly want to impress your guests, you could have coasters customised with the name of each and every one of your guests and give them as extra presents for friends and family to take home at the end of the day.

Exploring Reaction Injection Molding and Its Capabilities

When searching for flexibility and options in producing top quality polyurethane products, RIM (reaction injection molding) capabilities cannot be beaten. If you do not know what RIM is, our article with the title ‘what is reaction injection molding’ offers you a good primer. With RIM, you possess a large variety of color, toughness, size and even costs to pick from. For RIM technology products to be designed, two reactive liquid compounds are required, a resin mixture and a polyisocyanate component.

These two reactive liquid compounds are held in two different tanks and then fed into a known mixing area for the chemical reaction of RIM, where color could be added and then injected into a mold. The production of a mold happens to be the maiden step in the procedure, and after that the RIM process takes charge.

RIM Size Capabilities

The polyurethane product size could vary a bit, from a smaller part like a small general purpose wheel clock or a cable protector to a much larger door panel or dashboard for the automotive sector. RIM capabilities also contain mining, medical product needs, and decorative light fixtures. Some of the RIM presses could go all the way up in size to 84″ x 60″ and 36″ tall. The aforementioned molds are specially designed to fall within these sizes with huge potential.

RIM Toughness/Hardness Capabilities

The beautiful thing about reaction injection molding is the ability and capability to make the product highly durable with a high durometer rating through the use of hard tooling. This is a preferable system due to the fact that the final result would be stronger in addition to it lasting longer. Of course, if a more flexible item is required for something that’s supple enough to twist and bend, these kinds of creations are also a possibility with RIM through the adjustment of the pressure on the production machine. The high accuracy tooling that the RIM machinery possesses will make sure of the correct product weight with the correct size and color.

Evaluating the Benefits of Offshore VPS Hosting

When one takes the past few years into consideration, the term offshore hosting is gradually gaining recognition from individuals and businesses too. People opt for as a suitable alternative of web hosting for the sake of their website. In offshore VPS hosting the website is hosted on a server that’s really situated in a nation different to that of the subscribers’.

Basically, offshore hosting is almost the same as the normal web hosting and no such divergent features exist in them. Like the web hosting features in the parent nation, offshore hosting is with VPS, reseller accounts, dedicated servers and cloud servers.

There are different numbers of benefits or reasons of offshore VPS hosting. By opting for offshore hosting, establishments could decrease operating costs and obtain an improved level of reliability and security too. Offshore hosting could also be advantageous for establishments that are situated in nations susceptible to natural calamities. Hosting their servers outside the nation could prevent the loss of important data and servers in the event that disaster strikes. In addition to that, offshore hosting provides a very good method for establishments to back up their data that could not be damaged by natural calamities.

There could be a few other advantages associated with offshore VPS hosting that are not noticeable at first glance. With offshore hosting could provide fast loading of pages on websites and this could be very significant in Google page ranks. Aside from that, people are in the search for hosting their servers in their various continents so that more users could be serviced at once. For example, hosting a website on an Asian server for Asian products would most likely bring more clients from the region, and so on.

Also, a lot of people offer personal privacy as a reason for selecting offshore hosting. They would provide extra protection against identity thefts or prevent a person’s identity from being detected. Thus, offshore hosting establishments could deliver a lot of options for businesses as well as individuals.

Hoover Portable Vacuum: Vacuum Cleaner for Confined Spaces

There are a lot of kinds of vacuum cleaner available on the marketplace and several brands to pick from, it is very difficult to determine which would be appropriate to get. A very good vacuum cleaner could make all the difference in keeping a space neat, tidy and healthy. While suction power happens to be a global need, other factors like accessories, maintenance, maneuverability, and weight are also very essential to consider when getting a Hoover portable vacuum to meet your needs.

In a market full of quality products, opting for a vacuum that could easily and quickly clean up mess could be a difficult chore. However, a very good portable vacuum machine for such tasks is unavoidable. It is easy to use and could assist in cleaning mess on stairs as well as in confined and small spaces that other more bulkier vacuums won’t manage to get to.

A Hoover portable vacuum happens to be a lightweight vacuum cleaner and made to be aesthetically pleasing meaning that you don’t have to hide it away and it could clean up a mess or dry spill very easily and quickly. It comes in different colors from beige to purple and pink so that you would be able to find the appropriate color for your house.

It’s quite easy to carry anywhere around the house and the right choice for hoovering up any dry mess that a conventional hoover won’t be able to get to or is just very time-consuming to want to get out to carry out the job. The joy associated with the use of an appliance such as the Hoover portable vacuum is that it’s very easy and simple to use and could be activated and operated in a matter of seconds of the mess being made without having to go through the hassle of going to the cupboard and getting out your canister vacuum or upright vacuum.

Swaddle Blankets: A Must-Have for Every New Parent

When babies come out of the womb of their mothers, they are startled, unfamiliar and disoriented with their surroundings. Sudden movements and sounds could alarm them. It could be a bit confusing to your newly born. Swaddle blanket happens to be infant blanket that are breathable and very soft. They are awesome for keeping your baby snug and warm and feeling like they are still in your body. Swaddling represents a form of wrapping your baby up tightly in flexible, soft baby blanket to comfort them as well as keep them feeling secure and safe.

A swaddle blanket is derived from fabric that is stretchable, breathable and lightweight. It’s normally quite small but some have enough fabric wrap to go around twice. It lets parents swaddle their babies easily. Due to the fact that these blankets are lightweight, they don’t overheat your baby like what’s obtainable with some blankets. Some blankets are truly ready-made cocoon types, therefore, all you must do is put the baby into the sack and make them safe with button or Velcro flap- it could be made simpler nowadays. You could feel safe wrapping your baby in one.

Majority of the swaddle blankets are rectangular or square and they are a bit oversized making it appropriate for wrapping your baby up snug multiple times. They are the perfect tool for reducing accidental scratching, calming fussy babies, aiding breastfeeding and reducing colic. Also, it is likely that swaddle blankets could even limit the likelihood of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome due to the fact that they limit babies movements thus preventing them from rolling over which at this point, doctors believe should sleep on their backs.

These blankets offer such a feeling of security and warmth, they assist your little one in getting a better night’s sleep. In some situations, parents have claimed that these blankets have assisted their baby to go from waking up at the interval of 2 hours to sleeping for a complete 6 hours before waking.