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When you send a message through this contact form, you are reaching out to the web admins of this site. We will pass on your message to the fashion designer, once we have screened them. Almost all of the messages that are sent to us are going to be replied to personally by Miss Hash herself. However, we would like to redirect any new fans of Miss Hash to the website’s frequent asked questions page. You can visit that portion of the website in order to get a quick answer to your question.

Any business inquiries directed towards Miss Hash can also be sent to this website as well. We urge that parties interested in showcasing the fashion design work made by Miss Hash, also contact her regarding that through this website. Our web admin team will review your proposal and if it is approved, we will send your business proposal to Miss Hash, so that she can look through it herself. Overall, this whole process will take several days. So please be patient whenever you are waiting for a reply from the message that you have sent us. Give us several days to get back to you!

Those that wish to send Miss Hash some kind of fan mail can also do so through this website. We guarantee that Miss Hash reads through and appreciates the messages that she gets from fans of her fashion work. So please do not hesitate to send us a message!

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